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After arriving at Guatemala airport, during daytime hours, you can take shuttle buses that have dropped off passengers at the airport and are often available for the trip back to Antigua, but they are not an entirely dependable option, especially if you arrive early in the morning or late at night. Airport shuttle buses have no fixed schedules;they leave when they are full and you’ll have to share them with eight to ten other people.


From Airport we recommend you don’t take shared shuttles or public buses to Antigua, if you arrive after dark or carry a lot of luggage. We recommend private and safe Airport pick up to Casa Lobo. The taxi driver speaks English. It takes 4 hours and the cost are 130 U$ until 3 persons please book it online.

Shared shuttle from Antigua to San Pedro leaves at 8:30 am or at 2pm from Antigua and arrive San Pedro 12:30/ 6 pm . Please book at any agency in Antigua . Cost with shared Shuttle from Antigua to San Pedro are prox.12 US$ per person.

If you arrive San Pedro

Take a Tuc Tuc to CASA LOBO we are located across FEDEPMA BENEFICIO de CAFE camino a la finca . A small path opposite the beneficio de cafe takes you from the main road to Casa Lobo 20 m .

Please note! The Tuc Tuc cost 5 Quetzales each Person including your luggage.

If the tuc tuc driver are friendly and helpful or if he call us, tip him . Be careful the mostly try to overcharge you, especially when you arrive by shuttle or boot from Panajachel the first time.


From the capital, Guatemala City, you can get to San Pedro using the Panamericana Highway.When you reach the road sign for the 148km point “about 20 km west of Los Encuentros ” you then head in the direction of Santa Clara La Laguna. You have to pass San Pablo La Laguna, San Juan La Laguna, to arrive San Pedro La Laguna.
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